Sculpture Purchases

If you are interested in purchasing an original wooden sculpture listed on this site, please contact me directly via e-mail.

I accept personal checks or money orders. International shipping is also available.


Sculpture Commissions

Commissions are gladly accepted… but not all sets of 2-dimensional projections are compatible. I have made monograms including the “Esses” sculpture. A variety of bases are also available. The time for completion is dependent on the size and complexity

For the moment, all sculptures are for indoor environment, however I would love to try a large weatherproof Magic Angle Sculpture.  The sun would make an excellent distant light source for crisp shadows...

Feel free to contact me directly with any thoughts or questions.

Thank you,


Send JVM an email to gmail

Small Horse Elephant Coyote


Purchase a Portfolio

Riverside Art Show portfolios are available from

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